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Bed Bug Terminator has specialized in HEAT TREATING bed bugs since the beginning.

It used to be the only way to eradicate bed bugs was to use harmful chemicals, repetitively. Drilling holes between drywall studs, bagging up clothing or belongings and even disposing of infested furniture.

In 1996 congress passed a major pesticide law, allowing the EPA to ban the use of a number of dangerous chemicals used to eradicate bed bugs. Since then, America has been looking to find a “better way” to eradicate. In 2010, science proved HEAT to be that answer. The science behind HEAT TREATING bed bugs is the most genius way to eradicate every nook-and-cranny of one’s home without the exposure of toxic chemicals.

Unlike chemicals:
* HEAT kills all stages of bed bugs
* HEAT is able to penetrate furniture and walls (instead of hoping the bug crosses its path)
* HEAT is fast and effective

*Discrete Eradication- Although bed bugs can happen to anyone, Bed Bug Terminator understands and does not display their name on their Trucks or Trailers.
The use of portable heaters allow the technician’s work to be completely concealed inside the home.

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